Monday, February 15, 2010

Another electrical success

One of my several problems with electricals in the house has been an under-counter light near the sink in the kitchen. Replacing the bulbs didn't help, so after getting some help on correctly disassembling it, I went looking for ballasts. But it turns out the builders used an unusual light design which is impossible to get parts for around here. Not only didn't Home Depot have it, even Barre Electrical and Lighting didn't have it. They said they could special-order it but it would probably cost more than a new fixture.

Having seen the way that the fixture was wired up (since I had to unwire it to take it to the stores) I concluded I could put in a new fixture myself. So on Saturday I bought one at Home Depot and yesterday I installed it.

The only thing that didn't go great is that the length of wire I had available forced me to put it a bit more to the left, that is, closer to the sink, than the old one, where ideally it would have been best to put it farther to the right, away from the sink which is already covered with some very effective lights.

But I had no trouble following the directions and got it installed in about a half hour. And it works fine. So, hurray for me.

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