Sunday, February 14, 2010

A product idea

Socks has her own bed in the bedroom, and as you can see if you look around the edges of her, it once was white but now is mostly black except at the corners.

You can't just toss something like this into the washing machine and hope the hair will come off. Hair is stickier than Krazy Glue. There's only one thing that'll get it off, and that's sticky-tape. Even that post-it-strength tape they put on lint rollers isn't strong enough -- you'd be rolling rolling rolling, then peeling a new layer, and rolling rolling rolling, over and over, just to clear one spot.

But on something as big as a dog bed, packing tape is exceedingly inefficient. What someone needs to develop is a huge roll of Scotch tape that's three feet wide, like the cellophane shrinkwrap they use to palletize things in warehouses, but sticky. It would take two people, one to hold the roll horizontally, the other to unroll a few feet of it and stick it down onto the dog bed, or any other furniture the dog uses. Then... rrrrrrrrrriiiiiippppp, peel back all that hair and leave a nice clean dog bed in one, or at most two, passes. I'd buy it.

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drscorpio said...

I have found a latex glove like the ones used for dish washing to be very effective at stripping pet hair off of dog beds and furniture. It works better than tape for us. Just wipe across the fabric with it, and the hair sticks to it.