Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving viewing party

A few of my friends didn't get to see Star Trek while it was in the theater. Fortunately, our 62" DLP HDTV and audio system may not quite be as good as Majestic 10 but it's pretty good. Months ago Kaye asked if we could have a viewing party when the Blu-ray disc came in, and as it happens, the same people who were going to come to the viewing party are also going to be at our house for Thanksgiving. So if the disc arrives in time, we might do it on Thanksgiving, after the obligatory performance of Alice's Restaurant Massacree, and the turkey.

That's assuming the disc arrives in time. I preordered it, and it shipped last week by USPS. Usually when I buy from Amazon and it ships USPS, the package arrives 2-3 business days before the estimated arrival date, and this time, the estimated arrival date is Friday. So in principle it probably should arrive today or tomorrow. The USPS tracking information is even more useless than usual (and that's saying something): the only arrivals all have no location listed, oddly, so I have no idea if it's close or not. In hindsight I now wish I had gotten it locally. Usually locally is more trouble, not less, but this time, CostCo happened to have lots of it in stock on a day I was already there. Hindsight is 20/20 of course.

Whenever we do air it, I want to try to create the theater experience as much as possible. I'll dim the lights, move the table out of the way, and most importantly, try to run the movie straight through without interruptions and distractions. Computers and phones off, the whole nine yards. Blinds drawn, and popcorn available (and if it ends up being on Thanksgiving, the popcorn has double appropriateness!).

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