Thursday, January 15, 2009

The golden cluster seed

I've developed a stye on my left eyelid. It came out yesterday afternoon and it's the first time I've ever had one. What's weirdest about it is the fact that if I think about where I'm feeling the discomfort, it feels like it's not quite on my eye or eyelid, but just a few millimeters off of it. Somewhere not quite on my face but right in front of it.

It's a very mild low-level irritation but it's not one you can get used to and forget about; it's always there. Part of that is just that it's affecting my visual field slightly; my left eye doesn't ever feel quite open and it wants to blink a lot. Holding a hot compress over it for a while also makes my right eye start feeling wonky, like it won't quite focus and wants to blink, probably just because it's been working alone for a while.

Wikipedia revealed that it's a mild Staphylococcus aureus infection. This bacteria is present in many people all the time and widely easy to get; it's what's behind many ordinary skin conditions like pimples, for instance, and one of the ways it spreads most readily is people popping pimples. (That's also how it tends to jump from being a harmless presence on the skin to something more annoying like a stye or infection: often the intermediary stage is a pimple that got popped, which is one of the reasons you're not supposed to pop pimples.)

It'll probably take a week to get rid of with the application of hot compresses.

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