Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forehead stress

Whenever I'm feeling stressed I get pimples on the forehead which I unconsciously pick at incessantly. I try to avoid it but I don't even notice myself doing it. So nagging me about not doing it doesn't really help either. Sometimes it gets so bad I have to put a spot band-aid over it, which makes me even more self-conscious than the scab itself, especially as I have to keep it there for several days.

I haven't had one of those since last year at this time during the final push towards the surgery and my insanely hard diet and exercise regimen to try to get under the target weight before that day. But I've had one pop out this week. Probably it's mostly in reaction to the tension at work, not just directly but also indirectly through stressing my cow-orkers who then behave in more stress-inducing ways at me.

It's at times like this that I also find myself jonesing harder for roleplaying. And I can't help notice that those are usually the times when roleplaying is the least consistent and least frequent. Which is cause and which effect? Wouldn't it be sad if I have physical symptoms of being denied roleplaying opportunities, though.

Better than the stye I had, anyway.

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