Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I got the power!

Sunday's unseasonable blizzard knocked out our Internet in the evening. The power flickered all night long, and then Monday morning just after we woke up at 6:10am it went out. We went to work on Monday without proper showers, but hoping the power would be back by time we got home. It wasn't, and WEC said if it wasn't by 9pm it wouldn't be. Cell service as also out, probably because they didn't have power to the towers.

About 8pm we decided to make for a motel for the night. It's not the heat, our house was warm enough and if it weren't we could set a fire in the woodstove. It's not the lights, lanterns and candles are fine. It's not the electronics, though I did have a lot to get done after being away for the weekend at the con. It's the water pressure. You can only stay so long in a house without being able to flush the toilets.

Power came back on some time on Tuesday in the morning, and when we went home last night after work, it was very nice to have things back to normal. The lights flickered a few times, but they held up. Now if only the dishes would wash themselves.

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