Monday, August 28, 2006

Frozen lunches

Most frozen lunch things people bring to offices with them say to leave them frozen and cook them from that state. And most people do exactly that. It's conceivable one could be designed in such a way that it did cook better from frozen, but I have never encountered one where it didn't turn out better to put it in the fridge, or leave it out, when I get to work. Partially or completely defrosted by lunchtime, it cooks better, with more even heating, in half the time. Is there any reason other than liability why the manufacturers say to leave it frozen? And any reason other than just doing as they're told why everyone does?

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litlfrog said...

All the ones I've ever tried worked better once they were defrosted. I think most people leave them frozen just because that's what the package says and they have no reason to think otherwise.