Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Unplanned vacation

The timing may seem odd, but I'm taking a little stay-at-home unplanned vacation for the rest of the week.  After the hubbub of the vow renewal and the weekend at Seyon Lodge, when it might have made some sense to take a few days off (and Siobhan did, to spend time with some of those guests from out of town that stayed over a few days), I went back to work for a day and a half, only to take three and a half days off after that.

The reason for this is our very annoying leave caps.  I earn a certain amount of leave every pay period, but due to the ever-more-overwhelming burden of things that have to get done and the fact that the kind of work I do is not the kind someone else does when I'm gone, time I can take off is limited far more by my workload and its deadlines than by my leave balances.  So I very often reach the maximum amount of leave I can accrue, and then, the leave just doesn't accrue; I'm just losing it.  Which I can't stand.

So when I get to that point, as I discovered on Tuesday that I have, I immediately take at least a little time off, and to heck with my workload.  This is actually not a terribly bad time for it.  There's certainly things I could be doing (writing an RFP, and the things that are higher priority and preventing me from doing that, most notably), but this level of crushing always-falling-farther-behind workload is about the baseline -- it only gets worse from here.  And at the same time, my list of things I've fallen behind on at home is as long as it typically gets.

So I'll spend the next few days catching up on things I haven't gotten to do because of the vow renewal and preparations leading up to it, and because of the cats and the time I've spent on them and their preparations, and some overdue preparations for Carnage, and maybe a few things that have been sitting around longer than that on my to do list, like some more work on the MAME system and the game room.  Who knows, maybe I'll even have time to do some fun things like watching movies or playing Rock Band.

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Julya said...

Don't go spending all that wonderful free time on work alone :)