Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring cleaning

It turns out mid-March is a very bad time to get a greivous injury, and I strongly recommend against it. The snow is virtually gone here -- just a few piles where the plow accumulated it in drifts -- and the list of things I want to get done is accumulating in piles as fast as the snow is melting. There are so many chores that accompany the start of spring, all the winterizing things being undone, cleaning out the culvert under the driveway, getting the summer gear ready. Then there's specific things this year, like restacking and gathering some wood from last year, fixing the bike that got bent up a little in my recent crash, replacing a blown light bulb in the living room, teaching Socks how to come when called, and a few projects I have in mind for this season. Plus I hope to get a few more hazard trees down this year. But the days are slipping by and none of it is getting started, let alone done.

Then again, even the things on my to-do list that don't involve physical activity precluded by my knee are falling behind again. I've got an adventure to finish writing, a creative writing project due by the end of the month for Lusternia, some software updates to do on my servers, a backlog of Lusternia designs to review, and I still haven't gotten to work much on learning Lusternian combat.

I need to be less of a social butterfly for a while and get caught up!

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