Saturday, March 27, 2010

80s Trivia

I graduated high school in 1984. It only makes sense that the 80s are my formative years and should have had a great impact on me. My music collection includes an awful lot of 80s music. And yet, going based on the trivia contest last night that was all 80s trivia, I slept through the entire decade.

Okay, to be fair, that's just because of the choices of topics. One round was on themes to TV shows and I didn't watch hardly any TV. Another was themes to movies, and that's where I scored my only half-point. Yet another round was also movies, this time identifying John Hughes movies, of which I've never watched any. The various rounds covered a very similar subset of 80s topics while leaving lots of others out. The only music round focused on prom theme songs (and worse yet, it was a shout-to-stop round), and there was nothing about history or then-current events, nothing about fads of the 80s like the Rubik's Cube or arcade games, and even the pop culture stuff fit into a pretty narrow range of possibilities.

So it turned out my only contribution to the team, other than recognizing Bob Seger's voice, was coming up with our 80s-themed team name variation, "Men Without Browncoats," with which I was never entirely satisfied anyway.

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