Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lazy day

Rainy grey dayI've got a bunch of things I want to get done today but I'm having trouble getting started. Part of it is having had a late night last night (went to see Paula Poundstone at the Flynn and didn't get home until 11:30, then got up early to meet some friends for tool shopping, so I'm fairly tired). Part of it is my momentum being broken by a string of Internet and power outages. Part of it is the day being so gray and rainy. But it seems more than that; it's just one of those lazy days.

What I should be doing, apart from the chores I just finally finished, is finalizing the setup of my new server. The replacement Vista-compatible Z-Wave controller arrived yesterday so I'm ready to go. If I work on it today, it should be the case that I can pull out the old server Octopus and put in the new server Meniscus by the end of the day. And since tomorrow will be almost entirely taken up with shopping, it's today or nothing. Plus I'm supposed to be doing game prep for GMing, another thing I can't seem to get moving on.

But what I feel like doing is watching a movie, or reading. Even playing Rock Band, which I haven't done in weeks, is only half-appealing. Almost seems like too much effort.

So what I will do is just start on the server anyway. The best cure for this kind of inertia is to push through it. Once I get moving, these doldrums will fall away. Usually.

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litlfrog said...

*nods* If you're not feeling like doing much of anything, might as well at least have something to show for it when the day is done.