Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hoping not to be sick

It occurred to me that I haven't had a cold or flu bad enough to stay home from work in more than three years. Maybe some of that is regularly getting flu shots. I remember two years ago in late January being terrified of getting a cold just in time to have it scrub my surgery, and thinking then, it had been more than a year. And I haven't had one since. A few times I felt like I was close but fought it off with no more symptoms than a sore throat or sniffles.

Siobhan crossed the line this week and has been staying home, which is the first time for her in the same period. And I have had a scratchy throat for two weeks now, though that started after a night of bad reflux so I thought it was just throat trauma. Plus I've had headaches. But for two weeks it hasn't gone past that point. No stuffiness, no weariness, no sniffles, no unusual amount of sneezing, no fever, no aches. So I wonder if I have a cold that I'm fighting off, or if it's just coincidence, the throat from the reflux, headaches from not getting good sleep (typical at the time of year), and Siobhan just happening to be sick at the same time.

If I am sick, there would have been worse times for it. It's never a good time to be sick, but it's as not-bad a time as I've had in months. Still, I hope to continue to avoid it, if only to maintain my streak.

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