Wednesday, October 14, 2009


For some reason, while all the supermarkets around here have the Drake equivalents (Yodels, notably), no one carries most Hostess products including Ho-Hos. Siobhan insists there's a stark difference and won't even eat Yodels. But in New England, where Drake still remains dominant and the consolidation of Drake and Hostess (since they have the same parent company) is underway but far from complete, it's nearly impossible to get Ho-Hos, though Ding Dongs are oddly enough readily available.

Online grocery options are priced insanely; for instance, the only entry on Amazon (which is often competitive on other things, like the wasabi edamame we get) costs $16.99 + $4.99 shipping for a single box. And it hardly seems worth it for as simple a guilty pleasure as Ho-Hos to buy them while traveling (particularly since they're hard to transport, being so squishable, and they can get stale). But I promised I'd find a source for them. And there must be somewhere nearby that has them, but it's not like I can do a Google search (which is the real pity! someone should be indexing this kind of data), and I'm not about to go to every grocery and convenience store in Vermont to check. Anyone happen to know of a source?

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