Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Starting to warm up

Spring is still a ways off and really the average temperatures aren't up much, but there's sunshine and in some places snow has melted, and that's all it takes in combination with the turning of calendar pages to get me thinking about spring. I've got a few projects lined up this year, in addition to the usual spring things, such as the building of a wall in the woodshed and I'm getting jazzed to do them. Plus there's getting back to woodcutting: I have a new axe to try out!

I'm still in that part of winter where I don't mind winter but I wouldn't mind spring either. By next month, I'll probably start being sick of winter. The ideal climate for me would be what you'd get if you took Vermont's climate, then subtracted a month or two from winter and added it onto spring and summer. I don't need it to be hotter or cooler in the summer; I wouldn't want it to be milder or much colder in winter; I wouldn't want to avoid the thunderstorms or snowstorms or anything else. I like the variety and the spread between the extremes we have; I just wouldn't mind changing the distribution a bit.

But even if you ask me in mid-March when I'm starting to hanker to feel warmth on my face and sit on the grass, I'll still say I like the climate here pretty well. And that's the worst it'll get.

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