Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kindling my gadgetlust

Amazon has just released word of the second edition of its bookreader, the Kindle.

Want want want! This is bringing out all kinds of gadget-lust in me.

What's so great about the new Kindle?
  • It's 10.5 ounces and 1/3" thick
  • The screen is readable at any angle even in bright sunlight
  • It can hold 1500 books
  • Over 200,000 books and publications are now available
  • You can load text files and PDFs onto it now (free if you use the USB cable)
  • It can play Audible.com audiobooks too
  • It has built-in text-to-speech so every book's an audiobook when you need it
  • It has a built-in dictionary
  • It has a keyboard for searches and annotations
  • Also doubles as an MP3 player and basic web browser (Wikipedia-compatible)
The PDF import shoots down the only reservation I had about the previous version, and the wonderful new form factor pushes me right over into lust. How can you not like an ebook reader that's not merely more powerful than a paper book but also smaller and lighter?

Of course in Vermont the lack of Sprint's 3G network means it would be much slower here until we get a 3G network, but it'd be usable.

Want want want!

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