Friday, February 27, 2009

Phone clip

The phone clip arrived on Wednesday night and got a good workout during grocery shopping last night, and it's working great for me. It's comfortable, adds virtually no bulk, and lets me get the phone off quickly and put it back on quickly without fumbling with the clip itself. It's sturdy enough that I can feel confident it won't fall off -- probably even while bikeriding (when the weather is suitable).

Meanwhile, AT&T's announced plans to incorporate the Unicel network into its network by middle of the year. I wonder if, when they do that, my old phone will start working with my new SIM? They've also promised a 3G network over Vermont, which will be interesting. Still so much of the state has no coverage, but both AT&T and Verizon are making noise about 3G coverage. One can't complain about anything that brings more Internet to more of Vermont, but it's hard to take seriously the promise of faster distribution of faster networks when the basics aren't there yet.

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