Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My workshop

To continue my recent theme of domestic, rural life, I should mention my workshop. A few years ago after moving into my custom-built house, I made a workbench, but then I left the workshop incomplete for a couple of years. This year I finally finished it by setting up my pegboards, organizing all my tools, cleaning things up, and installing an overhead light. (I would have done that a long time ago except I got in my head that I would have needed an electrician to put in the box it would connect to, but sure enough, there are models that you can plug in.)

My workshop
(left side) - (right side)

Not seen in these pictures are the overhead light and the workbench vise, both of which I added after the picture was taken.

No, I'm not going to draw "chalk outlines" around my tools. The whole point of a pegboard is it's easy to reconfigure it when you need to. Drawing lines may make it easier for other people to return tools to the right place, but at the cost of giving up that advantage.

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J'Andra said...

I wish there was some area in my house that was this neat and orderly.