Monday, November 24, 2008

Local turkey

This year for Thanksgiving we're buying a local turkey from Gaylord Farm in Waitsfield. It'll be smaller than the usual bird but not by much.

We're primarily looking for the ecological advantages of buying local (most of the ecosystem costs, and a surprising amount of the financial costs, associated with food are in transporting it), but we're also exploring the question of whether it'll taste a lot better, being fresh and locally grown by a small rural farm.

Of course, it'll cost a lot more. Maybe we're not quite ready to spend three times as much on all our food, but we can certainly start with spending three times as much on a meal we have only once a year.


litlfrog said...

FWIW, I notice a big difference between the organic turkeys I've tried and grocery store Butterball. Frozen turkeys are damn good, nothing against them, but local, fresh turkeys have 'em beat.

Hawthorn Thistleberry said...

The turkey was certainly tasty, juicy, and good, but none of us found it to be noticeably more so than any other turkey we've had prepared with the same brining method in previous years.

If it were just me that didn't notice a difference I would dismiss it; I am not a big turkey fan to begin with, and often don't pick up taste differences other people do. But two other people who usually notice every difference also didn't report one.

Taste wasn't the only, or even primary, reason to go this way, though. So this is not a problem, just a report.