Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A word about words about words

Back in the 80s when I read Omni Magazine (before it transitioned into being the "paranormal crap" magazine) I remember one article, possibly in the Games column, which discussed a list of unusual words. The thing they had in common was that they were all words which described a class of words. Examples of words like that are "verb", "onomatopoeia", and "predicate", but this list was much more obscure words of the same class.

One of the words in the list, which was my favorite (thanks to my obsession with self-referentiality), was a word which described the class of words which are themselves descriptions of classes of words. In other words, the word which named the list itself in that article.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember what the word is. And for years, I've been unable to find it anywhere. I even went through archives of Omni Magazines once trying to find that article, to no avail. There's even a chance I read it in something else other than Omni, though my memory is pretty clear.

Anyone know what that word is, or have an idea for how I could find it?

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