Saturday, July 01, 2006

On vacation!

Today marks the start of a week's vacation for me, and none too soon. I have no big plans for it; I'll mostly be sitting around watching movies, working on Bloodweavers, and playing games.

By nature, or at least by habit, I have the kind of personality that means I'm always looking to see what the next thing is on my project list. I am a list-maker. I'm very bad at doing nothing. When I go away on a vacation, it takes me hours to stop thinking, literally every minute or two, "okay, that's done, what should I be doing next?"

This isn't that kind of get-away-from-everything vacation, and I may indulge myself in doing a few projects. But I am going to give myself permission to do nothing at least some of the time. Also to do things, even project things, that I feel like, even if they're not next.

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