Sunday, June 18, 2006

An odd source of inspiration

I spent some time with the weed-whacker yesterday, which is why my back is sore today. And to pass the time I made up some silly stuff in my head about the weeds rebelling against their whacker-wielding overlords, and then about an evil scheme to keep them complacent. I'm always doing things like this; no matter what's going on, I'm always thinking about something, and if I don't have anything particular to think about, something appears on its own. Sometimes it's silly and absurd. Actually, a lot of the time.

But it doesn't always stay in the realm of the absurd. During the weed-whacking, and subsequent shower, it coalesced into a great idea for an epic-scale roleplaying campaign, or more specifically, the storyline behind such a campaign. With a little tooling, I can even make it fit into the Bloodweavers world setting I've been imagining for a while now, which has lacked a storyline (my original planned storyline for that didn't work out). Now I'm all jazzed about working on that campaign... which I can't really do until I finish some prep on the next Uncreated series of adventures.

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