Monday, June 19, 2006

Fevered pitch of creativity

I'm not supposed to be working on Bloodweavers now. I have to do prep on an adventure cycle for my current campaign, Uncreated, first, so that it will provide me the time to work on Bloodweavers. And there's no good reason to be working on Bloodweavers now; the ideas in it have been bouncing in my head for literally years.

Nevertheless, when the last piece came to me, I've felt compelled to work on it. Ideas are just pouring out of me. I have to spend almost all my time and focus just capturing them as they go, with only a little bit of my time spent organizing them. And still at the point where if I look at a topic and something doesn't come to me instantly, I can go to another one rather than making myself work it through -- in other words, I haven't gotten to the part where it's work, yet.

I'm absolutely delighted by most of the things I've worked out. The cosmology and mythology have a really strong high-mythic-fantasy feel, with all the symbolism tying up neatly with itself, from the numerology to how magic will work. I am very pleased the races, and even more so by the calendar -- why has no one ever used the fact that 7³ = 343, very close to the length of an Earth year, before? I love the month names even more, they're so full of feel. And best of all, the storyline really works for me; it's got high mythic overtones and gives me plenty to make the characters do, including both reactive and proactive things, with a clear and unforced buildup of tension to a grand battle climax and an unambiguous resolution that will ring with the themes and motifs of the story.

Probably I'll stick with it, despite the higher priorities, for as long as the ideas come unbidden and without effort, and then drift back to what I am supposed to be working on, but when I come back, I'll be able to do so with more enthusiasm. But right now, I'm so caught up in it, it's hard not to grab people and say, "look at this, isn't this so damned cool!!!".

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