Saturday, May 20, 2006

Finally un-got HD on the HDTV!

Got a day and a half of HD service out of that DISH VIP622 DVR. Then it got tired.

The first CSR we got on the phone said they sent down a new software update last night and suggested we just needed to let it sit and process for a while. The second one denies that we could have gotten a new update or that that could be involved. Either way, the unit is in boat anchor mode. If I do a power reset, I get a fan whirring, then one LED on, a brief blink, then sitting for 15 seconds or so, then all six LEDs blink on and off, then the whirring stops. If I leave the unit alone, it does that same sequence every 15 minutes or so on its own.

DISH is going to send me a replacement DVR to arrive in five days. So next Wednesday I'm going to spend hours setting up the new unit, then more hours trying to recreate all my recording timers. From memory this time, too, since I erased them from TiVo while I was creating them on the new DVR so TiVo wouldn't keep trying to record with no signal.

This is a very, very sour experience.

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