Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Delayed openings

As we watch the snow pile up, keep an eye on the forecast calling for another ton of snow, check the state's road conditions site (all roads are in bad condition), and hear stories of vehicles off the road everywhere, I kept calling the state's weather line. Took an hour to get through. Sure enough, "At this time, weather conditions do not warrant the delayed opening of state offices, or a reduced workforce" as usual, along with the regular reminder that departments can authorize time off if it's taken with actual leave time.

If I were able to edit video, I would want to make a little spoof video about this, but I wouldn't know where to start. Part of it is that the scene I want to use apparently isn't where I thought it was. In the movie The Day After Tomorrow, the main character treks across an apocalyptic snowfall trying to rescue his son; the snowfall has buried entire states, and killed millions. He has a little satellite-phone he carries around. At one point, I thought there was a scene where he's standing on the wasteland of snow making a call on the satellite phone, trying to check on the status of things, and ends up standing there with a stunned look at what he's hearing. I wanted to find this scene and edit it by putting the sound of that recording in so that's what he's hearing. Unfortunately, there's no such scene in the film; I must be mixing things up in my memory.

Oh well, it would only be funny to my coworkers anyway.

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