Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to ruin sexy

There are a few ways that a sexy woman can totally ruin the sexiness for me. Most aren't complete showstoppers, just big minuses that cancel out some or all of the sexiness. But they're alarmingly common.
  1. Smoking: This one is a complete showstopper. It's not just that it's so big a minus that it cancels out all the plus anyone can bring to the table; it's irrationally more powerful than that. A woman who smokes automatically has a zero in sexiness no matter what she looks like to me, so there's no positive for the considerable negative to counter.
  2. Piercings: I don't mind ears being pierced no doubt because of the cultural exposure, and I am not too turned off by the less visible piercings. But some of the people I see around make me think, unfairly I realize, that they should be on a poster labelled "Give generously to help the victims of industrial accidents" and that is a real turn-off; a woman would have to be really, really sexy to overcome that. What I see more often lately, and even on soccer moms, is a single little pinhead that looks like an artificial metal pimple near the lip or on the nose. I don't understand those at all. If they had a pimple they'd pay anything to get rid of it, but instead they install a metallic pseudopimple. I don't get it, and it is definitely a minus for me.
  3. Unnatural Hair: I don't mind a woman having dyed or bleached hair that's still a color that is natural for hair. I'll even make a small exception for some artificial red hair colors that are not too wildly unnatural but still not quite real red hair colors. But unnatural hair colors are generally a turn-off. A sexy enough woman can still be sexy enough to overcome it, but it's a minus.
  4. Tattoos: The idea of someone getting a tattoo is very much a turn-off, but the actual result of getting a tattoo not nearly as much. A small, tasteful tattoo is only a small minus, but it is a minus for me.
I suppose the same would apply to men, though I am less prone to noticing if males are attractive or sexy by their appearance.

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