Monday, January 24, 2011

Going back to work

Today's my first day back at work after taking a week off, and before that, I was at the office only one day the previous week due to my business trip to NYC.

I've been keeping pretty close tabs on what's going on at the office, thanks to both my email, and the help desk system we put into place recently, which is working out very well (I think). On the other hand, I'll have two out of three of my employees out, and will also on Tuesday have a kick-off meeting for a big project. So I'm expecting to be buried and swamped, and probably to not get to spend any time working on the RFP I've been wanting to start on for a while.

Despite all the time off I have actually had my blog's buffer erode down to just a few posts, so I hope I have a run of ideas for post topics soon, or else we might return to the time when I don't have a post every day.

Here's hoping my return is more smooth and less tumultuous.

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