Friday, June 04, 2010

Older person, newer interests

One interesting thing about Facebook letting me catch up with people I haven't known since high school or college is the chance to see which ones have developed new interests in hobbies since I knew them then. Some seem to be into the same things as I would have guessed (or their Facebook feed doesn't reveal much about what they're into, at least once I've blocked all those timesink-games), but a few have strikingly different new interests.

For instance, one friend now posts very often about his interest in wild mushrooms. I don't even remember if he liked mushrooms at all back when I knew him in high school and college, so if he did, it never registered as a big deal. And one time when I and another friend in our circle took a weekend class on foraging wild edibles, he chose not to participate. But now, at least once every couple of weeks I see him posting something about mushrooms, often wild ones. Another friend, when I knew him, was into roleplaying games, technology, and theater, particularly musical theater, but nowadays almost all his posts are about martial arts.

It makes me wonder how I come across. Since I use my Facebook account primarily as a place to give my blog more exposure, I probably reveal more about what's on my mind and filling my days in my profile than most people (not that I expect most people will read most of those posts!). And a lot of it is about the same things I was into back then -- roleplaying games, computers, science fiction, philosophy, music, etc. When I try to think of what might be coming across as my "unexpected obsession" the only things that jump out at me are forestry, but that's still only a half-dozen posts in a year, and home automation, which is even fewer plus seems to fit into my theme of being into geekish technology.

Am I a surprise to those who knew me back then, or pretty much what you'd've guessed?

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