Friday, June 11, 2010

Lost in my dream

I recently had an odd dream which is coherent enough to retell. Half of the dream was pretty humdrum stuff inspired by our planning for our UK trip; it was about finding the hotel, getting onto the bus, trying to find WiFi signals, etc. But interleaved with that was a very odd bit of dream.

We were at the pool in a hotel chatting with some random people who were there, when Jorge Garcia, best known for playing Hurley on Lost, wandered by. He was just a guest at the same hotel or something, but on seeing me he came over and gave me a big old friendly hug and said it was good to see me, then continued on to wherever he was going. The young girls who were at the pool were curious about this, so I explained... way back at the very beginning, before anyone knew the show was going to be popular, I had a small role on Lost, only a few appearances. (Apparently, in my dream, Lost wasn't a big deal from its pilot, but took a season or two to get traction.) Even in my dream I was surprised by this: not by having had the role, but by the fact that, hey, how did I forget about that? But I was mostly excited at the idea that my picture was on a popular website and that the website might explain some stuff.

And with that surprise came the bigger one. "Hey, that means there's probably a page about me on Lostpedia, with a picture of me, and analysis of my character, and maybe if I go find it I can figure out what my character was doing!" So I was trying to get WiFi on my netbook so I could search Lostpedia for myself, while we were heading somewhere on a bus.

I couldn't get to Lostpedia for some reason but I did find a site that would stream video of the clips that included my character, so I started playing them. Instead of showing on the netbook, they played on the entire world around the bus, so everyone on the bus could see the scenes through the windows, on all sides. No one seemed to mind.

In the first scene, I was one of the crash survivors who had apparently been airline staff -- though I wasn't a pilot, or a flight attendant, so I don't know what I was, but I was definitely airline staff. I was helping to take care of some of the kids on the flight by entertaining them with a game involving a bunch of very thick golden rings with small gems inset on the inner surface, but when these rings were brought near a particular door, they glowed (or maybe the door glowed, I can't recall). Someone (maybe Hurley) commented on how that made no sense, and I said something cagey about how, yes, it did make no sense, as if I knew something I wasn't saying.

The story switched to a flashback in my character's past, which I unfortunately remember very little of. It was back on the mainland and involved some kind of shady dealing in a warehouse and the rings, and it was made clear that I had some mysterious agenda concerning the rings, but in that Lost way, it only tantalized about the mystery.

The next clip was from many episodes later. There was a crashed, but still mostly whole, airplane, and there'd been a fight about who was going to get to go on it. Some villain (who wasn't a character on the real show) was the only one with a gun, and he was marching a row of about 20 people onto the plane; these people had their hands tied in front of them, and to each other in a long line, and were being shepherded onto the plane like prisoners by the guy with the gun. Meanwhile, another bunch of survivors, including at least a few of the actual show characters (I saw Hurley, Jack, Kate, and maybe Sawyer), were standing by, fuming about not being able to get onto the plane, but having no way to stop it.

I and one other airline employee were already on board the plane, sitting on a sort of bench, watching the "prisoners" being marched past us and set into seats. The other employee was in a flight attendant's outfit; he looked a little like Miles, but not that much, and he seemed chipper in a "hey, I'm getting off the island" way. I, however, was scruffy, unshaven, with leaves in my beard and my hair all mussed, wearing torn clothes, and looking very glum as if I didn't want to be leaving but wasn't going to say anything.

The passengers/prisoners were seated (there was no fight in them, they were just mildly surly) and the plane was starting up, there was all the humming of a plane getting ready to go, when someone on the bus (remember the bus?) said something like, "Hey, can we see a scene involving Thomas instead?" The other passengers on the bus seemed to agree, so the bus driver did something, and the scene started to change. I was upset that we weren't going to get to find out what my character was doing, when I woke up.

These clips of old Lost episodes looked really like the show, with the same kind of cinematography (except that in the "boarding the plane" scene, there were more camera angles from above) and lighting (mostly torchlight at night in the jungle), and people acting the same way they did in the show.

I have no idea where any of that came from. I suppose I could blame it on the percocet.

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