Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Trivia in Central Vermont

When River Run was still River Run, but decided to stop hosting the Question Derby that we'd been going to every month for a few years, the only trivia nights in the area were the ones at Langdon Street Café. Even though that was only a one-hour trivia round, somehow the timing never worked out; sometimes that was because it was at 6pm which made it hard to get home and then back in time, sometimes it was because everyone else couldn't make it and it's no fun for just one or two people, and sometimes it's just because the venue wasn't that comfortable, and didn't have food most of the time.

In fact, from the time when River Run stopped hosting trivia (and became Tasca soon after), we never made it to LSC until last month. And only just in time, since Jen announced that it was going to be the last time. LSC no longer wants to host trivia anymore either, which means there's no one in the area hosting it. Bummer.

Sometimes when we go to restaurants we think how the venue would be good for trivia, but I really don't know the first thing about why a restaurant would or wouldn't want to host trivia. It seems like a strong move to me. Jen's trivia packed in River Run every time, and everyone ate dinner, but they still lost money; is it because we stayed there all night and thus prevented them turning over tables, but they still incurred the costs of staying open? I wonder if a packed house isn't more plates than a partially-filled, but turning-over, house. Do trivia players eat too little, buy the lower-profit items and not enough drinks, or what?

I'm not sure if Jen has any fish on the hook, but I hope so. I keep thinking of rounds I'd like to guest-host. And I miss the game! I hope someone can make it work.

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