Monday, December 21, 2009


By the way, if you weren't sold on watching Avatar from my previous post, there's one more thing I have to point out.

If you've seen a trailer you know that there's a precious mineral in the ground which is why the Earthers want in. Since it never turns out that its presence is (at least obviously) connected to anything else in the movie, it is simply a MacGuffin.

But what's great is that it is called, by the characters, completely seriously, unobtainium. With a straight face.

This is not something I expect from James Cameron. I would love to find out how they came to decide to use that name.


Michele said...

from wikepedia:

"Engineers have long (since at least the 1950s[2]) used the term unobtainium when referring to unusual or costly materials, or when theoretically considering a material perfect for their needs in all respects save that it doesn't exist. By the 1990s the term was in wide use, even in formal engineering papers such as "Towards unobtainium [new composite materials for space applications]".[3]"

muse24 said...

Agreed, how silly was that!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Galena (lead sulfide).