Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Not even penny-wise

"We have to do something about this photocopier." (or printer, or computer, or fax machine, etc.)
"Oh? What's wrong?"
"It's old and out of date. It keeps breaking down and it's getting harder and harder to get support and parts for it. Supplies like toner also cost more than they used to as they get harder to find. Compared to the cost of a modern, more efficient, fully supported one, we're spending more to maintain this for a year than it'd cost to replace it, especially after you add in man-hours spent dealing with it."
"We'd better replace it, then. Order us a new one."

"Here's that new copier we ordered. What do we do with the old one?"
"Seems a shame to throw it away."
"How about if we put it in Cathy's office so she doesn't have to walk ten steps every time she wants to make unnecessary and wasteful copies?"
"Good idea."
That's when I got out the axe, your honor. I move that the case be dismissed on the grounds of justifiable homicide.

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litlfrog said...

So if I've got this right, it'll still have to be maintained, only it'll be for a particularly annoying coworker who makes too many copies anyway. Ain't management grand? (Present company excepted.)